Corporation du Mont-Saint-Joseph: a Non-profit Organization Promoting a Rich Heritage

29 February 2024

Incorporated as a non-profit organization (NPO) in 1998, the Corporation de gestion et de mise en valeur du mont Saint-Joseph, in Carleton-sur-Mer, preserves and values the cultural and natural heritage of this exceptional site. A meeting with its Director General, Olivier Côté-Vaillancourt.

In what way is the Corporation unique?

As an NPO, the Corporation is under the responsibility of a volunteer Board of Directors. According to Olivier, as an NPO, it can devote itself to its mission without being solely profit-driven. “Everything gets reinvested for social or economic development.” The site sets itself apart by offering “the highest summit in Quebec accessible by asphalted roadway. It’s interesting for the mobility aspect and to appreciate the magnificent view of the heritage that surrounds us, both historical and cultural.” Other unique attractions include mountain bike trails, unconventional accommodation, and a chapel.

How did support from the SADC help you?

In recent years, the Corporation has acquired new infrastructures such as geodomes and a reception building. In the post-pandemic period, it obtained a preferential-rate loan from the SADC to cover part of the costs. “There was an increase in the cost of materials and construction,” says Olivier. “We had to absorb these costs to complete the project.”

Tell us about a recent noteworthy achievement of which you are especially proud in the field of sustainable development. 

“We’re involved in a number of initiatives and approaches (e.g. regenerative tourism) so that in the future, we can include more and more good practices in our management and planning,” affirms Olivier. He also highlights the introduction of a shuttle service linking the campground, the beach, and the summit of the mountain seven times a day in summer. “This reduces the strain of vehicles both in the city and on the mountain.”

What advice would you give to anyone who is considering starting up a business in the Baie-des-Chaleurs region?

“Listen to the community, get involved in your community and try to form partnerships,” says Olivier. To maximize the chances of success, he believes that the proposed offer must meet a genuine need in the community.


About the Corporation

The Corporation ensures the sustainability and development of the Mont-Saint-Joseph Regional Park. Highlights include hiking and mountain biking trails, geodomes and aiguilles (small chalets), a heritage chapel and lookouts at an altitude of 555 metres offering spectacular views of the Baie-des-Chaleurs..