Mécanique SL Plus – A Business Portrait

21 March 2023

Sébastien Bernard and Louis Parent acquired the Point S Garage in Nouvelle, in February 2022. Already co-owners of the neighbouring Transport Philippe Day enterprise, they saw a unique chance to complement both businesses. A meeting with both partners about the garage, which was re-named Mécanique SL and which obtained support from the Baie-des-Chaleurs SADC.

A Thumbnail Sketch of the Enterprise

Mécanique SL features automobile mechanical work, tire sales and installation, trailer repair, automobile esthetics and air conditioning repair. The business also sells heavy truck parts in a department which will be expanding shortly.

In What Way is your Business Unique?
Mécanique SL is distinguished by the quality and efficiency of its service and the courtesy of its staff, a comment which is often mentioned. Its clientele feels confident about doing business with Mécanique SL. “I often give advice or explanations to persons who come to see me, even by phone”! mentioned Louis, who has 13 years of experience as a heavy equipment mechanic. Its clientele also appreciates the various means available to contact garage staff members, including text messages.

Why did You Choose to be in Business?
When Transport Philippe Day was put up for sale, Sébastien and Louis, who were working there, seized the opportunity to purchase it. Both partners wanted the business to remain in the region. “This is important to us” said Sébastien. I’ve been here for 30 years and I wanted it to continue!” When they heard that the Point S garage was going to close, they also wanted to purchase it. “Slowly but surely we noted an increase in parts sales at Philippe Day. We planned on enlarging the business,” mentioned Louis. The partners finally decided to purchase the Point S garage. “It would remain local and it would allow us to undertake other ventures,” said Sébastien. This was “a great opportunity to maintain mechanical services and parts sales” added Louis.

How did Support From the SADC Help You?
“Very important financial support. We had a great helping hand and support” affirmed Sébastien. “If there’s a problem, we can call them at any time. No matter what the problem may be, we talk from time to time and they remind us of their services. They can contribute to the expansion of the business.”

Tell us About a Noteworthy Achievement of Which You are Especially Proud as a Business Person Regarding Sustainable Development.

For now, Mécanique SL participates by buying locally. “We really encourage local businesses a lot” says Sébastien. This is “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours:” “By encouraging local businesses, in turn they come to our garage” he added. The business also disposes of waste material according to standards in force. In addition, it is getting ready to train its mechanics for electric vehicles.

What Advice Would You Give to Anyone Who is Considering Starting up a Business in the Baie-des-Chaleurs Region?
“Partner with the right persons, such as the SADC” mentioned Sébastien. “Sometimes people hesitate to call on organizations we have locally. There are a lot of things that people don’t know about the services they have!” According to him, you have to be deeply involved in a business to ensure its success. “You have to have a good state of mind, try to understand people and actively listen.”

About the Co-owners
Sébastien Bernard began working at Transport Philippe Day as a trucker and then as a dispatcher and finally general director. Louis Parent has 13 years of experience as a heavy equipment mechanic, including 10 years at Transport Philippe Day.