M.J. Brière – Business Portrait

14 September 2022


Garage M.J. Brière in Caplan, inaugurated its new building last June. Following the completion of this major project, Alexandre Bujold, a sales advisor and future owner of the business, is now concentrating on succession planning with his mother, Manon Brière. A meeting with Alexandre about the business, which obtained support from the SADC Baie-des-Chaleurs.


A Thumbnail Sketch of the Business

M.J. Brière Inc. features a wide range of new and used Kubota products. In addition to selling all kinds of equipment (tractors, lawn mowers, utility vehicles, excavators, loaders and agricultural machinery), maintenance kits, parts and accessories, the business also features maintenance and repair services for Kubota products.



In What Way is your Business Unique?

“Customer service and after sales service” answered spontaneously Alexandre. “We are a family business in operation since nearly 50 years!” Staff at M.J. Brière takes the time to help clients select the right equipment and gives them advice on daily issues. “There are no pressure sales. We welcome clients as family members. In the Gaspésie region, we do our grocery shopping with our clients. Mutual respect has developed.”


Why Have You Chosen to be an Entrepreneur? 

As a son of business persons, Alexandre wanted to be an entrepreneur for the freedom it entails. “When I was younger I always worked for my family.” When he was 18 he wanted to have different work experiences outside of the region. “I wanted to see what the world had to offer to me” he explained. “I always did a little more than the boss asked. I took my work to heart. That was in my DNA, and that’s how I grew up.” In 2013, I decided to come back to the Gaspésie region. “I knew that was where I was going to settle down and live my life.” It was also obvious for him that he would continue to work with the public. “I love it! I like the challenges it involves.”


How did Support From the SADC Help You?

“Support from A to Z! Help, listening and advice” mentioned Alexandre referring to the new building project that was inaugurated in June 2022.  “When we undertook research before starting the building project, doors were closing everywhere [due to the pandemic].” He underlined the fact that the SADC assisted M.J. Brière with its business plan and financing, namely by advising it about who to call on. “Doing our new branding also helped us a lot.”


Tell us about a recent noteworthy achievement of which you are especially proud as an entrepreneur.

The new building is obviously a major achievement over the last months. With its construction, M.J. Brière wanted to jump start other sectors of the business. “There is a new website and a new phone answering system” said Alexandre. “We redid the garage hierarchy from A to Z!” The disposition of the facilities was also redone. “When walking into the garage, you can see that there is more fluidity, even for service.”


What advice would you give to anyone who is considering starting up a business in the Baie-des-Chaleurs region?

“Take care of one’s clients” says Alexandre. He underlined the fact that we must always keep in mind proximity with clients in small localities. “In the Gaspésie region, a satisfied client will tell five persons about it, but an unsatisfied client will tell the whole village!”  According to him, you have to always be attentive to clients. “They are the ones who make the business prosper. At times this may be contrary to your ideas, but you can always find that little something that will make your business thrive.”



About Alexandre Bujold

Working for the family business since 2013, Alexandre Bujold is now undertaking a business succession planning process. Founded by his grandfather Magella Brière in 1974, the business is now owned by his mother Manon Brière.